Bringing together executives across industries to collaborate on innovation and commercialisation challenges.

The kin8 Network

Exceptional individuals from leading companies and cutting-edge fields want to work on business and social improvement projects outside of their day jobs. We recruit these individuals into our exclusive network, and provide them opportunities to collaborate on innovation and commercialisation challenges with client organisations.

“Diversity is more than just a moral responsibility. It’s fundamental to the success of our teams. Each team member brings their unique perspective and expertise to the team, widening the range of possible outcomes. If you want a breakthrough idea, you’re more likely to get it with a diverse team.”

– IBM’s Design Thinking Principles.

What We Do

Through our exclusive network, kin8 clients get access to high quality, flexible resources that would otherwise be unreachable. This rich, cross industry knowledge base means we are uniquely placed to help organisations:


The most valuable new ideas are born at the intersection of diverse perspectives. Without broad knowledge to fuel the innovation process, solutions for tomorrow risk being limited to incremental improvements of today.

Access diverse knowledge to fuel your innovation projects.

Collaborate with real-world executives from diverse industries to help you develop higher value products, services, programs and customer experiences.


Entities with non commercial foundations such as universities and not for profit organisations are under increasing pressure to establish direct income streams and become less reliant on government and grant funding.

Access business knowledge to commercialisation your value.

Leverage real-world commercial expertise to uncover market opportunities and help translate your knowledge and capability into value adding products and services.

What Our Clients Say

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