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The kin8 Difference

Our Story

Our Mission is to turbo charge the tranlsation and commercialisaiton of Australian innovations

Innovation is critical for igniting productivity growth, and by extension sustained economic growth, over the long term. As a nation, Australia produces world-class research that is recognised as highly innovative by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In fact, Australia accounted for just over 3% of the world's top 10% of most-cited scientific publications in 2016, just behind Canada, Japan and France (2017 report). However, the number of patent applications, high-tech exports and startups created are well below the OECD average.  We can do better.

Australia ranks last on the proportion of business collaborating with research bodies


This is where we come in. kin8 is the bridge between the commercial world and the academic world. Through facilitating open innovation strategy among commercial partners, university research teams and global industry leaders, our core focus is research and technology translation for better economic and social outcomes for all. This includes building innovative environments, both virtual and physical, where diverse individuals, teams and knowledge can intersect to create new ideas and outcomes. 

Where We Can Have the Greatest Impact


Organisations need access to diverse, flexible and high-quality strategic problem solvers. The individuals who possess these abilities are looking for new ways to build their experience, build their networks and contribute to meaningful, interesting and varied projects. We bring our expertise to projects with a focus on

How We Work

Action Oriented

We are passionate about implementation and will invest our effort and energy into increasing your chances of success. Beyond providing you with robust data, analysis and recommendations, we go the extra mile to develop your internal capability and empower your team to create long lasting innovation and impact. We are not your traditional consultants.

Partner Deeply

In the spirit of truly open innovation, collaboration and co-creation are at the core of everything we do. We take great care to understand your needs and those of your customers, to create success by your terms.

Future of Work Philosophy

To optimise our human capital and maximise the participation of our Network for increased diverse thinking and better problem solving, we offer our clients and people as much flexibility as possible, to create the best outcome for all.  We are passionate about building a decentralised future of work, which means we prioritise value-driven outcomes, work optimisation, efficient technologies and human integrity.



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