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Access diverse knowledge to fuel your innovation projects.

Innovation efforts require strategic direction to achieve longevity and true growth.

Innovation strategy can unlock new market opportunities and empower your organisation to thrive among the competition.

It declares to market that innovation is a fundamental cornerstone, embedded into your organisation's

values, culture, operations and offering.  It sets the course for your people to understand how they can

deliver impact for their customers, stakeholders and the community.

Our services include:

  • Innovation strategy development and refinement

  • Innovation process implementation

  • Custom innovation programs creation

  • Supercharging your innovation projects

  • Identification of new products, services and markets

  • Innovation culture and capability building

Case Study

Unlocking new growth opportunities

for SAE Australasia .

Steven Lord



"Having worked with kin8 on a wide array of projects since the turn of 2016, we can only describe the benefits they bring to a" business as bloody brilliant! The team at kin8 have not only helped our clients realise their true business potential but have assisted them in the project management and facilitation of our own services, which is integral in the digital space.

I would highly recommend kin8.

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