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Open Innovation Strategy

Case Study - Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia

The most valuable new ideas are born at the intersection of diverse perspectives. Without broad knowledge to fuel the innovation process, solutions for tomorrow risk being limited to incremental improvements of today.

Collaborate with real-world executives from diverse industries to help you develop higher-value products, services, programs and customer experiences.

Since 1927, the Society of Automotive Engineers Australasia (SAE-A) has been the leading not-for-profit membership organisation for mobility focused engineers.

Uncovering new value for members.


SAE sought to explore methods for enhancing the success of the Society with a focus on a greater understanding of how the Society can establish and build value for its membership base.

We worked with SAE to created positive outcomes.

kin8 worked with SAE to establish a clear value proposition by segment, establish Segment Ambassadors, as well as determine a resourcing plan of action for implementation.

Adrian Feeney

President, Society of Automative Engineers - Australasia

"It was indeed a very worthwhile exercise leveraging kin8 to explore and execute our innovation pathway. We look forward to more opportunities to engage kin8.

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