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The kin8 Network Model

Welcome to the Future of Work

About the kin8 Network Model

kin8 was founded in 2015, born from a vision of a world where the equitable coexistence of individuals and institutions creates an engaged, fulfilled and value-driven society. In this way,  the best of our brains would be utilised to create the greatest possible impact.

We believe that leveraging a diverse network of cross-industry, high calibre professionals, is the optimal way to solve critical challenges. Our purpose is to bring to together these individuals and institutions to realise mutual value for both.

Five years on, kin8’s unique platform continues to connect the most capable problem solvers with the most pressing problems – transcending industry, organisational, and geographic boundaries.

Who is in the kin8 Network?

The kin8 Network is a group of creative, financial, business and strategic managers and executives from leading organisations or cutting-edge fields. They come together to work on interesting problems and exciting projects. Network members tend to be actively employed, have 10+ years of industry experience, but are looking for an opportunity to contribute, learn and grow. They have jobs, but want to expand their minds beyond their day to day work.

Why join the kin8 Network?

Members join a diverse network of professionals from all over the world. They work with us on paid projects, as well as contribute to interesting social and industry challenges. kin8 Network members gain new experience, build new connections, learn and earn, all while keeping their day jobs. In return, our clients get a unique depth of skill to design and deliver new products and experiences.

Tell me more about the benefits of joining the kin8 Network!

The executive-level professionals in kin8's Member Network are busy and important, making big strategic decisions for their companies, not-for-profit organisations, startups and community causes. So, we make sure to provide only interesting projects that require innovative, outside-the-box thinking to engage the brightest minds of our generation.

For most of our Members, they prefer to do just the FUN stuff. This means no administrative tasks, project management or political bureaucracy to navigate. All their energy is focused and directed towards creating impact and that's how we see the best use of the world's greatest resource - our people and their genius. 

Of course, there are a multitude of other invaluable benefits such as

  • personal development opportunities,

  • access to a diverse and cross-industry range of projects that those with specific expertise may not otherwise have access or regular exposure to,

  • access to the Member Network of senior executives,

  • full back-office support, including branded collateral, invoicing and other administrative tasks

  • a business development team

  • regular social events

  • a community of like-minded individuals with shared values

and more!



Let's get to know each other.

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