What we do

kin8 is a consultancy that helps people work together. We specialise in collaboration that values diversity. We help large organisations:

  • Facilitate workshops
  • Explore opportunities
  • Get more out of teams
  • Get more out of partnerships
  • Generate new ideas
  • Solve business problems
  • Build social impact

Organisations need diverse knowledge from across industries to drive innovation and help design the products, experiences and businesses of the future. kin8 bring together this knowledge and facilitate collaboration. When we work together we generate better ideas, stronger relationships, and deeper learning.

Our services

  • Workshops
    • Strategic planning
    • Stakeholder
    • Ideation and brainstorming
    • Co-design
  • Discovery research
    • Customer research and interviews
    • Surveys and market research
    • Competitor and market analysis
  • Strategy design
    • Growth and innovation
    • Product and experience
    • IP Commercialisation
    • Communications strategy
  • Product and project management
    • Prototyping and assumption testing
    • Communications production
    • Change management
    • Digital production support

“Diversity is more than just a moral responsibility. It’s fundamental to the success of our teams. Each team member brings their unique perspective and expertise to the team, widening the range of possible outcomes. If you want a breakthrough idea, you’re more likely to get it with a diverse team.”

– IBM’s Design Thinking Principles.

kin8 Case studies
University of Queensland

Commercialising research

After ten years of research, the The University of Queensland released the BeUpstanding toolkit to help Australians stand up, sit less and move more at work. We helped them collaborate with five huge national partners to launch a public health campaign. We also used a strategic planning workshop to find alignment across departments and leadership in UQ. We brought together national corporates in discovery research to best commercialise UQ’s IP, so they can work together to get workers to become healthier and happier.

People from all levels of an airline, a furniture company, a private health insurer, a defence company and a federal government organisation came together to help University of Queensland discover and design a commercial strategy to bring public health IP to market.

stakeholder management workshops interviews observation communications education public health

Discovering prestigious workspaces

Haworth have been designing and manufacturing adaptable workspaces in exclusive buildings around the world. We brought organisations together to discover what new workspaces should be created for two Australian locations. Our kin8 Network helped us draw together discovery research and in-field interviews, to understand the competition and culture surrounding each building. We then facilitated co-design between Haworth and over 40 users from 10+ organisations to drive user-centred data into the creation of new workspaces in Perth & Melbourne.

Over 300 people, including 20 multinational organisations came together across two projects to help Haworth define the experience of exclusive business lounges for premium office towers in two cities.

ideation integration workshops interviews observation co-creation coworking property
RMIT University

Designing a startup incubator

Activator is RMIT University’s entrepreneurship & startup activation hub for staff, students and alumni. The vast variety of industries combined with the unwieldy structures of a university require considered programming. kin8 brought together existing and new RMIT staff, external services providers and the previous round of Activator participants to co-design the residency component of their programming. We inducted and serviced the subsequent cohort of 40 startups, then helped adapt the organisational structure to prepare the entrepreneurship & startup activation hub for its future.

Academics, service designers, entrepreneurs, alumni, students and staff came together to help RMIT design and deliver version two their entrepreneurship education program and startup accelerator.

integration co-creation coworking implementation community education communications interviews

kin8 worked with us to better understand our goals and what we wanted to achieve big-picture, then helped us narrow it down to what we could do right now. They then developed a bespoke plan with each of our promotional partners that built on their strengths, and made sure all partners got what they needed. kin8 have been essential to help us to bridge the research to practice gap, and we continue to work with them across our BeUpstanding program of research.

A/Prof Genevieve Healy, School of Public Health, University of Queensland

I looked to kin8 for their whole-picture, design thinking led approach to research and their one-of-a-kind network of executives to deliver the required results and I don’t believe I would have got the level of commitment and quality of work if I had chosen a traditional consulting firm. Matt and his team’s personal ethics and approach to this project are something unique these days and I very much look forward to our next collaboration. kin8 delivered beyond expectations.

Viswesh Sathi, Director Strategic Services, Haworth

Having worked with kin8 on a wide array of projects, since the turn of 2016, we can only describe the benefits they bring to a business as bloody brilliant! The team at kin8 have not only helped our clients realise their true business potential but have assisted them in the project management and facilitation of our own services which is integral in the digital space. There is nothing worse than too many decision makers after all! Would highly recommend.

Steven Lord, Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Next
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