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Victoria believes that the future of healthcare is based on quality of life and compassion-based approaches, moving beyond just 'fixing' a physiological problem. She understands that every person has a set of values and principles that are important to them and encompass their health. These should be addressed during any healthcare journey to ensure they leave better than when they arrived and improve the chances of long-term well-being.

She is currently part of the multi-disciplinary team at Cancer Specialists in Richmond, Melbourne and 

consult patients privately through the practice of Associate Professor Declan Murphy (Director of Robotic Surgery at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) as a Prostate Cancer and Sexual Recovery Specialist.

About Victoria

For the past five years, Victoria has focused on human sexuality, an aspect of health often ignored and forgotten within someone's healthcare journey. Many people value sexual connection as part of their identity and overall well-being. Prostate cancer treatment commonly leads to physical side effects that impact this core value and there is a gap in solutions and strategies within the healthcare system to help.

Victoria currently teaches RMIT students in the 'Future Sex Studio,' using human-centred design habits to solve sexual health challenges. Future Sex Studio is the first-ever sex-related problem-solving design studio in a university setting. It has been featured on The BBC and in The Age Newspaper.

Victoria holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Masters of Science Degree in Cognitive and Decision Sciences from University College Long. She is also a current PhD candidate, on service design approaches to sexual and intimacy recovery post prostate cancer. 

Key Capabilities



Human-Centred Design

Behavioural Science

In her spare time...

Victoria plays chess and enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (which is similar to playing chess, but with your limbs).

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