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Case Study - University of Queensland

Our team has helped clients to collaborate with industry and build partnerships through the uptake of innovation and technology. We have domain expertise in identifying a clear pathway for its clients to translate its research and commercialise its technologies. 

BeUpstandingTM is a national health initiative targeting workplace sitting in order to reduce chronic illness in Australia's sedentary workforce.

The University of Queensland wanted to understand how to translate and communicate the research to the market

The University of Queensland engaged kin8 to develop a commercialisation strategy for developing products from the research; in order for the program to become self-sustainable, and scalable to increase impact and expand the body of practice-based research.

We worked with the research team to develop commercialisation and communications strategies

Our team successfully delivered a commercialisation strategy for developing products from the research, and continue to work with the University of Queensland team to implement it. Currently, kin8 is executing on the partnership strategy phase, as well as leading the production of marketing collateral, to recruit new users.

A/Prof Genevieve Healy

School of Public Health, University of Queensland

"kin8 worked with us to better understand our goals and what we wanted to achieve big-picture, then" helped us narrow it down to what we could do right now. They then developed a bespoke plan with each of our promotional partners that built on their strengths and made sure all partners got what they needed. kin8 has been essential to helping us bridge the research to practice gap, and we continue to work with them across our BeUpstanding program of research.


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