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Penny Weber



Penny is the founder of RecovaWear, providing easy solutions for the rehabilitation process. Recovawear is designed to make recovery easier. Using special openings, Recovawear wraps around you and your injury helping to prevent unnecessary strain, pain and damage to the body.

Penny's deep professional experience extends from university lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Management, to management consultant at the executive level.  Her specialities include strategy, team management and entrepreneurship. She is known to be efficient, reliable, pleasant, fun, an innovator and excellent problem solver. Penny is financially savvy, naturally inquisitive, an excellent communicator, creative and collaborative. She is known for finding solutions in unusual places. 

About Penny

Beyond founding RecovaWear, Penny has deep business expertise, consulting on business strategy, Human resource management, innovation implementation and brand management for private clients. She has also advised Education, Film and Entertainment companies and SEO businesses. 

Besides running RecovaWear, Penny is currently a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Management at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Previously, she was Lecturer of Music Industry, Higher Education at Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT), where she lectured in Small Business Management within the Department of Creative Arts Higher Education, Music Industry course at NMIT. She specialised in entrepreneurship, brand management, people management and event management.

Penny holds a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts from Monash Univeristy, an Executive Masters of Business Administration in International Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, as well as a Master's Degree in International Business, Trade and Commerce from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

Key Capabilities


Business and Innovation Strategy

Human Resource Management

Brand Management

In her spare time...

Penny loves walking in nature, weekends away with her family, all things artistic and cultural and playing chase with her son.

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