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kin8 Open Impact Fund

Activating social impact through innovation and collaboration

kin8 is an industry connector. Our team brings deep expertise in facilitating strategic partnerships

for the mutual benefit of all parties involved, while creating synergistic outcomes for all.

kin8 helps its clients to optimise existing assets to foster innovation, as well as 

build partnerships across Australian and international industry, government and community groups,

to unlock new opportunities, activate economic growth and create greater social impact.

Our services include:

  • Value proposition development

  • Market analysis

  • Partnership strategy creation and implementation

  • Partner identification

  • Collaboration facilitation

  • Ecosystem engagement programs

  • Communications collateral creation


  • Monitoring for success

Case Study

New Innovative Environment Design

for Haworth


A/Prof Genevieve Healy

School of Public Health, University of Queensland

"kin8 worked with us to better understand our goals and what we wanted to achieve big-picture, then" helped us narrow it down to what we could do right now. They then developed a bespoke plan with each of our promotional partners that built on their strengths and made sure all partners got what they needed. kin8 has been essential to helping us bridge the research to practice gap, and we continue to work with them across our BeUpstanding program of research.


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