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Alex Mathieson

Head of Change

Oxfam International

Alex has over 27 years' experience in the international development sector, including 19 years in senior leadership and Director positions. He thinks, works and influences politically, with networks and a career spanning Australia, Asia, Pacific, Africa,

the Middle East and Europe. Alex is skilled at driving new business model development and innovation, including leading global change and transformation across Oxfam.

About Alex

Alex joined Oxfam as a volunteer in 1989 and later spent 10 years working for Oxfam Great Britain as a humanitarian worker. In his 25 years with Oxfam, Alex has successfully led Oxfam programs in Vanuatu, The Philippines, eastern Europe and Palestine. Alex moved to Oxfam Australia in 2003 where he managed the Program Development Unit, the East Asia Regional Program and was Country Director in Vanuatu for four years. Most recently Alex held the role of Associate Director for Strategy.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Politics) from the University of Westminster. He is also a Board Member on the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology's MBA Advisory Board.

Key Capabilities

Strategic Innovation

Transformation Programs

Business Model Development

Social Impact

In his spare time...

Alex likes hanging out with his family, playing bass, listening to funk music, playing tennis (badly) and waking up early in the morning to watch English football .

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