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kin8® Market Discovery Pre- Accelerator

Support researchers to launch the next game changing startup

About the Pre-Accelerator

kin8’s Market Discovery Pre-Accelerator is a program customised for researchers that university accelerators can run as a specialised track alongside their existing entrepreneurship education and startup support programs.  

This 12 week action oriented experience supports researchers progress their innovations through a market exploration and validation process. 


The complete program contains:

  1. Online program and content including videos and tools

  2. A network of industry mentors and international partners

  3. A program facilitator/coach

Program Benefits

  • The kin8 MDP can be customised to integrate seamlessly with your existing program schedule, and can also integrate any of your existing partners, mentor networks and coaching/entrepreneur in residence resources. 

  • kin8’s MDP serves as a bridge between university accelerators and other university commercialisation stakeholders . The program includes kick off and wrap up meetings that bring together key university commercialisation stakeholders, to ensure alignment around objectives, IP,  and commercialisation options.   

Program Outcomes

Through the Market Discovery Pre-Accelerator,  participants will achieve outcomes such as:

  • Clarification of existing knowledge on IP, agreements and other matters as well as clarify the overall objectives with the research

  • Reach a consensus on the commercial approach for technologies

  • The optimal commercialisation option including spinout, sale of technology, pivot, etc.

  • Where relevant, a list of potential commercial partners will be provided

  • The IP position and any encumbrances which may need to be explored, in order to progress

  • Whether the technology is mature enough to seek capital and further support

  • At completion of the Market Discovery Program,  participants will receive a Translation Options Report

  • Connection to potential customers, partners and investors

Pre-Accelerator Support

kin8 Pre-Accelerator Facilitators

matt pic.jpeg

Matthew Frith​



Matt has significant experience working with Universities and researchers to commercialise new innovation. Matt led the establishment and delivery of RMIT Activator's startup programs and the evolution of Activator's strategy and operating model. Further, Matt led kin8's multi-year engagement with The University of Queensland supporting the translation of their BeUpstanidng program of research. Matt excels at bringing clarity from complexity to help teams successfully deliver innovative social and commercial outcomes. More on Matt here.

DT pic pic.jpeg

Damien Thomas


Damien Thomas is an industry leader in strategy and commercialisation. He has strong connections in the private, government and university sectors across Australia, Asia, USA and Europe. He has led teams in collaborating with industry through uptake of innovation and technology. More on Damien here.

Open Innovation Network

Our open innovation partners provide an access point and visibility to explore global markets and opportunities as part of the MDC. Facilitators will connect relevant participants as appropriate. 


Asia Open Innovation Partner: IPI Singapore

Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) was established under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry. IPI focuses on industry needs and translates their innovation objectives into specific technology requirements to enable enterprises to develop new processes, products and services.

Europe Open Innovation Partner: Innoget

Innoget is the Open Innovation and Science Network for technology, knowledge and capabilities transfer. Innoget facilitates collaboration between innovation seekers and innovation suppliers such as large enterprises

The kin8 Network

The kin8 network is a community of industry based executives and entrepreneurs that collaborate on kin8 projects. 


Our kin8 network members provide researchers an industry connection point to explore markets and partnership opportunities as part of the MDC. Facilitators will connect relevant participants as appropriate. 


Members of the kin8 network also feature as mentors and guest facilitators. Meet the Network here.

Industry and Investor Network

kin8 has established relationships with investors and industry partners in Australia and around the world to assist in the commercialisation.

Some partners include:

acs bcl.png

Skalata Ventures

Skalata Ventures is a fully-integrated seed investment program designed to help early stage companies prepare to scale and grow into significant and sustainable businesses.

ACS Bay City Labs

ACS is the professional association for Australia’s technology sector. Bay City Labs is the Melbourne arm of the ACS network of scale up and innovation labs which includes Sydney’s Harbour City Labs and Brisbane’s River City Labs along with Startup Catalyst and the RCL Accelerator program.

Pre-Accelerator Overview

Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 9.29.02 am.png


Contact us to find out more about the Market Discovery Program

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