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Lina Patel

Facilitator and Collaboration Designer

Revma Consulting

Lina's goal is to alleviate needless workplace suffering and bring more kindness into the world, one team at a time.

She is a professional facilitator and has a focus on being inclusive and outcomes-oriented. She is comfortable asking difficult questions compassionately so that groups get to the heart of the matter. When working with groups, she draws on a wide set of practices including human-centred Design, Theory U, and MGTaylor.

About Lina

Lina is a Facilitator and Collaboration Designer. She learnt her craft in big business, honed it in civic tech and is perfecting it with organisations who invite her to facilitate moments that matter. She has facilitated events, workshops, and retreats for a variety of government and private sector organisations. She has 20+ years experience working across all tiers of government, multiple industry sectors and in a variety of business functions including finance, compliance, risk, project and portfolio management.


Most recently Lina ran Code for Australia and was part of the team at Collabforge, delivering public sector innovation projects in Australia. Prior to that, for 8 years Lina worked on a range of strategic compliance and transformation projects at NAB. She began her career in KPMG’s Technology Risk function where for 9 years she led a number of technology risk engagements with Financial Services, Manufacturing and Telco clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Toronto. Having been part of 60+ different teams and facilitated over 400 gatherings, she is experienced in setting up and fostering long lasting collaborations.


Lina holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and IT from Macquarie University, completed Theory U (U.Lab 2.0) MOOC studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) Alumni, where she completed her Fellowship Program. Lina is also a Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA).

Key Capabilities

Human Centred Design

Information Technology


Professional Facilitation

In her spare time...

Lina avoids collaborative endeavours and enjoys the company of a few, who like her, love discovering new music.

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