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Here’s a tiny sliver of the members in our kin8 Network, all of them diverse, exceptional executives coming together to contribute, collaborate and learn on projects.

Mark Buzza

Director, Global Biomedical Research Programs at a global for-purpose organisation.

Kate McDowall

Senior Manager, Process Knowledge and Risk at a publicly listed financial services company.

Daniel Milosev

Transition Coach at a global energy and resources company.

Victoria Cullen

Sexual Recovery Specialist at a cancer treatment clinic. Healthcare Innovation PhD Researcher at an international university.

The kin8 Network is a group of creative, financial, business and strategic managers and executives from leading organisations or cutting-edge fields. They come together to work on interesting problems and exciting projects. Network members tend to be actively employed, have 10+ years of industry experience, but are looking for an opportunity to contribute, learn and grow. They have jobs, but want to expand their minds beyond their day to day work.

Members join a diverse network of professionals from all over the world. They work with us on paid projects, as well as contribute to interesting social and industry challenges. kin8 Network members gain new experience, build new connections, learn and earn, all while keeping their day jobs. In return, our clients get a unique depth of skill to design and deliver new products and experiences.

So if you want to join or know more, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Join the kin8 Network

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